Welcome to Global Hardware Inc!!

GLOBAL HARDWARE INC is a privately owned manufacturing company established and incorporated in 2007 in Guyana. We are manufacturers of eZeeflow pipes and fittings: – a line of products that is not only the first in the Caribbean but is replacing worldwide the traditional low longevity PVC, Steel and Cast Iron plumbing supply system hardware.

MISSION STATEMENT: Utilizing cutting edge Technology along with new and innovative materials to create long lasting products of the highest quality and standards with minimum impact to the environment.

PRODUCTS PROVIDED eZeeflow pipes & fittings

With superior physical & chemical characteristics the PPR pipes and fittings are the ideal choice for hot and cold water plumbing systems in building and industrial piping installations ensuring a high quality performance. These products have working temperature range up to 95°C , very long service life of more than 50 years and have strong chemical resistance which provides definite solution to oxidation and calcification problems with no encrustation or bio burden. PPR is also the safest material in its handling processing and application as it is Lead Free and Food Grade. Because of complete fusion at joints which give rise to perfect homogeneity, PP-R pipes & fittings do not burst and is leak proof.

The Pipe is used for conveying HOT and COLD water/fluids/chemicals/compressed air in various plumbing installations such as: a. Single layer (Green Color) PPR Pipes for Indoor installations b. Three layers (3) PPR Pipes for Indoor/Outdoor installations. Outer Layer (Green color) PPR is UV resistant, which makes our pipes suitable for use under direct sunlight Inner layer (White color)

PPR is antimicrobial which provides hygiene and protection from internal bacterial growth. The middle layer (Black color) PPR provides body strength to the pipe. These pipes are so versatile that it can be utilized in all plumbing systems including mineral water plants, water treatment plants, sewerage networks, residential and commercial building, factories, schools, clinics, hospitals, swimming pools and solar water heating system etc.